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Realtors! Join our company!

Looking for a fresh start?  Joining our company is very simple!  If you already have a real estate license, simply go on to your real estate commission website and transfer your license.  We charge no fee to join our company.  If you don't have your license yet, call us for a free consultation!


Thinking about becoming a realtor?

Read our book 'Scratch - How To Start Your Real Estate Business From Scratch!'

We know you want to do it!  Everyone has considered a career in real estate at some point in their lives.  Why not check it out, thoroughly?  Just give us a call and we'll send you a copy!  720-260-1453

We are a 'home office' real estate agency model!

All our real estate agents work from home.  We have no offices, no staff, no overhead!  What this means for our real estate agents is one low fee, collected when you close a real estate transaction!  How much?  Call us, we'll fill you in!

We will train you!

With the use of our book 'Scratch', and our numerous instructional manuals, we will not only train you on how to run smooth transactions, we'll show you how to run a complete business!